From the edge of the world to the epi-centre



Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires from Argentina — at last a Pope from the Third World.


This is just cherry-picking from the handful of  known facts available so far, but I’m pleased to see he is a lover of the  writings of Jorge Luis  Borges. Given the enthusiastic but flawed tradition of Catholic hagiography and the frenzied smear tactics of the tabloid press, the hastily concocted  biographies this morning read like magic realism.


GK Chesterton comes to mind:

‘They were content to follow Francis with their praises until they were stopped by their prejudices; the stubborn prejudices of the skeptic. The moment Francis began to do something they did not understand or did not like, they did not try to understand, still less to like it; they simply turned their backs on the whole business and “walked no more with him.” ‘



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