A little mercy makes the world less cold and more just

So encouraged and challenged by the  sermons and homilies of Pope Francis. A Marian pastor.


Our Holy Father speaking on Sunday at noon, the Angelus,  to a great crowd of  300 000:

It’s beautiful, this mercy! I remember, when I was [an auxiliary] bishop, in 1992 [the pilgrim statue of] Our Lady of Fatima came to Buenos Aires and a great Mass took place for the sick. I went to hear confessions at this Mass, and at the end of it I got up to administer the anointing of the sick. And an old woman came to me – humble, very humble, over-80 woman. I looked at her and told her: “Grandma – because for us that’s what we call the elderly – nonna: do you want to go to confession?” “Yes,” she told me.” [I said] “But if you haven’t sinned….” And she said to me: “We’ve all sinned.” “But maybe the Lord doesn’t forgive them” [I said]. “The Lord forgives everyone,” she said: surely. “But how do you know that, ma’am?” “If the Lord didn’t forgive everything, the world wouldn’t exist.” I wanted to ask her: “Tell me, ma’am, did you study at the Gregorian?,” because that’s the wisdom only the Holy Spirit gives: the inner wisdom on the mercy of God. Let’s not forger this word: God never, ever gets tired of forgiving us! “Eh, padre, what’s the problem?” Eh, the problem is that we get tired, we don’t want to, we get tired of asking forgiveness. He never gets tired of forgiving, but we at times, we get tired of asking forgiveness. May we never tire, let us never tire of it! He’s the loving Father who always forgives, who has a heart of mercy for all of us. And even we can learn to be merciful with others. Let us ask the intercession of Our Lady, who held in her arms the Mercy of God made man…


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  1. Thank you so much for posting the transcript. I saw it on TV yesterday, with an English translator, but I didn’t really “get it” until I read it here. And it is so beautiful it made me cry. Misericordia.

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