How Love Names the Soul

The very marvelous one.
The Not Understood.
Most Innocent of the Daughters of Jerusalem.
She upon whom the Holy Church is founded.
Illuminated by Understanding.
Adorned by Love.
Living by Praise.
Annihilated in all things through Humility.
At peace in divine being through divine will.
She who wills nothing except the divine will.
Filled and satisfied without any lack of divine goodness through the work of the Trinity.
Her last name is: Oblivion, Forgotten.

An excerpt from The Mirror of Souls by the Beguine  mystic and  so-called heretic Marguerite Porete. Like Meister Eckhart she was condemned as a heretic. Unlike Eckhart she was burned at the stake in 1310. Later scholars acknowledged she  said nothing that cannot be found in the  writings of Hildegarde of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, John of the Cross. Local hostility to the Beguine movement of the  Dominicans and Franciscans is thought to have fuelled the persecution of Porete.



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