The mystical imperative

A cold dusty winter edging into a cold green spring.

God told me to do it. Reading a report  which claims that  Pope Benedict XVI resigned after ‘a mystical experience’ in which the Lord gave rise in his heart to an ‘absolute desire’ to remain alone with him in prayer.


In my experience  most religious institutions don’t care much for the mystical, not least because the mystical defies many of  our prized categories of rational or logical or realistic discourse. But  the great mystics in every  religious or faith tradition bear witness not only to the unknowability of  the Divine, they  also point to what is most unexpected and  unpredictable in  our life of prayer, that prayer is a dangerous activity that changes us and leads us into  places we would rather not  go.


Conversion of the heart is a human impossibility and yet this is how  God works, taking  from us the heart of stone and  giving us a heart that can bleed, suffer and rejoice.



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