Beyond priests or preaching

Very conscious again of living in the age of post-clerical Catholics, in many cases because clergy are literally  thin on the ground out in most parts of Africa and certainly rare  away from urban centres. One local parish priest says Mass at seven far-flung parishes each Sunday and travels  to the city during the week. He spends his pastoral hours driving, popping in, saying  Mass fast-but-hopefully-not-without-feeling and  rushing off again.

What else is there to nurture the faithful in the  priestless Church of the future? Musing on this.


From Bill McGarvey’s  article in  America on Post-clerical Catholics, this sharp-sided reminder:

Back in 1959, Flannery O’Connor described an exchange with a relative’s non-Catholic husband, who entered the church after years of attending Mass with his wife. When asked what finally changed his mind, he said, “The sermons were so horrible, [I] knew there must be something else there to make the people come.”


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