Studies in the Letters of Paul

Beginning a MOOC,  an EDX course on the Letters of Paul headed by Porfessor L:aura  Nasrallah, a professor of New Testament in Early Christianity at Harvard.

Over the next few weeks I hope to  post on what I’m learning here and how  my understanding of Paul is developing.


The Course objectives are listed:

1) To investigate the Pauline correspondence as a record of struggle and debate over key social, political, ethical, and theological or religious issues.
2) To learn about the Roman Empire in which the Pauline correspondence was penned.
3) To come to your own understanding of what the Pauline correspondence reveals about first-century debates about key issues, and to take responsibility for your interpretations.
4) To engage ancient texts with disciplined intimacy, understanding that these texts are both strange to our world and intimate to it. This disciplined intimacy involves learning and practicing close reading, as well as placing texts within their social, political, cultural contexts.
The challenge I suspect will be the effort to have sustained and civil  discussion on the EdX forum, a clumsy platform and not amenable to  the flow of  back-and-forth ideas.

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