Feast of St Agnes

The Feast of St Agnes coming around again. Keats’ The Eve of St Agnes:


 “St. Agnes! Ah! it is St. Agnes’ Eve —
    Yet men will murder upon holy days:
    Thou must hold water in a witch’s sieve,
    And be liege-lord of all the Elves and Fays,
    To venture so: it fills me with amaze
    To see thee, Porphyro! — St. Agnes’ Eve!
    God’s help! my lady fair the conjuror plays
    This very night: good angels her deceive!
  But let me laugh awhile, I’ve mickle time to grieve.”


Sparks, fragments and oneness.


Can’t access the video lectures of The  Letters of Paul. Reading up on the  Lurianic  Kabbalah instead, thinking of a little Meister Eckhart in the evenings. From Bracha Sack:

It is required to know the teaching of kabbalists that states: every one of the sefirot contains all of the ten (other sefirot) within it. Do not think that each part exists in and of itself with characteristics (qualities) separate from the others [there is always overlap in terms of the qualities (my insertion)]. One quality (sefirah) does not exist alone (in isolation) as something abstract and removed that negates the other qualities (sefirot). Rather, they are mutually interdependent with each part containing within itself all of the others, and in this manner [of interinclusion] they can reach limitless number [in terms of their subcategories].

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