In the quiet of Easter Monday, known here as Family Day and a public holiday, reading my old friend the French Thomist Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange. The hunger for something more definite, something other to the sway of certain kinds of political understanding, a certain loose-woven spirituality — that was  part of what I was searching for  when I was 24.


Thomas Aquinas:

“God is in all things, neither

as part of their essence (matter or form) nor

as an accident, but as an agent is present to

that upon which it works.”


From Garrigou-Lagrange

In relation to God the Creator, we should recognize not only speculatively, but practically and concretely, that of ourselves we are nothing: “My substance is nothing before Thee.” “What has thou that thou hast not received?” We were created out of nothing from a sovereign free fiat of God, by His love of benevolence, which preserves us in existence, without which we would immediately be annihilated. Furthermore, after creation, though there are a number of beings, there is no increase in reality, no increase of perfection, wisdom or love; for before creation the infinite plenitude of divine perfection alreadyi n existence. Therefore in comparison to God we are not.



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