That old wretchedness

The daily effort to die to self, the daily failure. Inattentive prayer, longing amidst dryness.



“Now I want you to have confidence in me and believe my word.  It is not our perfection which is to dazzle God, Who is surrounded by myriads of angels.  No, it is our misery, our wretchedness avowed which draws down His Mercy. All God’s dealings with us are a consequence of His Mercy (Mercy is God’s goodness touched by the sight of misery).  And that is why the great Saint Paul says, let others go to God leaning on the perfection of their life (as the Pharisee), “for me, I take glory in my infirmities that my strength may be Christ’s virtue.” If you could only once understand that you are never dearer to God, never glorify Him more than when in the full realization of your misery and unworthiness, you gaze at His infinite goodness and cast yourself on his bosom, believing in faith that His Mercy is infinitely greater than your misery . . . Now the triumph of his grace is when it raises up the miserable and impure . . . .”

— Bl. Columba Marmion


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