Into Passiontide

Preparing for Holy Week, the last two weeks of Lent here so soon. Traditionally this  Sunday is called First Passion Sunday or First Sunday of the Passion, hence Passiontide, a term no longer formally used but familiar enough to those of us  from an older generation.

It is also known as Iudica Sunday, from the first word of the Introit of Mass (from Ps 42/41), and sometimes Repus (from repositus analogous to absconditus, “hidden”) because crosses and other images in churches are to be veiled in violet or purple cloth, not transparent or ornamented. “Jesus autem abscondebat se.”  These veils will remain until the stripping of the altars on Good Friday.  From this Sunday on, in the Extraordinary Form the “Iudica” psalm is no longer said during the prayers at the foot of the altar and the Gloria Patri at the end of certain prayers is not said.


The season of the Seven Doulours of Mary, the season of the Stabat Mater anticipated.



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